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TV advertising is a proven media for exposure of any product, but as we all know its not cheap but with The Lynx it is now more affordable than ever. So we will keep this section short and to the point. Watch what you can do with the Lynx.

Running Time : 2 Weeks

Calls : 624

Appointments : 74

Sales : 6

Cost Projection For Park : £5,500

Running Time : 1 Weeks

Calls : 490

Appointments : 61

Sales : 3

Cost Projection For Park : £6,500

Running Time : 4 Weeks

Calls : 241

Appointments : 19

Sales : 1

Cost Projection For Park : £2,500

That’s enough said we think, why not get The Lynx to start bringing enquires to your Park and the best bit is that we work on Results not Retainers, we handle all the calls do the appointments and sign up your sales if you need that service.

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