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The Lynx don’t build lodges themselves, we leave that to the professionals, what we do is Design and Supply our own range of lodges which are built by a number of manufacturers in the UK, our lodges wont cost you anymore than the equivalent home built by a lodge builder as we save them money as we pay all the costs of obtaining the sale and handle the after sales procedures following a delivery.


The Lynx have a capacity annually of around 60 homes, that’s just 60 deliveries and just 60 after sales to fulfil, with the average builder currently making over 5 per week, it means that we can supply lodges that boast difference and come with a white glove service which next year will be the talk of the industry.

So why get your next lodge from us, that’s easy because we have time to give you the service you need, we hold your hand from start to finish, we inspect your home personally prior to delivery, we personally hand over the key every time, we personally keep you updated all the way, you log in anytime and get the information you need, we can help sell them first, we can draw them in 3D, we can quote a price that’s includes everything – one stop shop, we can design what you want, we can market your home for you, we can expose your Park to millions with our TV campaigns and most of all you get our lodge when we promise and we make sure that your after sales is a joy …….

We don’t want the big orders we want to be partners with the small Parks who want a supplier who works for them and not just an order.

Give us a chance to quote on your next order….

Lynx Lodges Launch - Sept 3rd

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