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The lynx offer a bolt on Buy To Let package for Parks, this allows the Park to offer a Buy To Let scheme without the hassle of setting one and without the worry of the guarantee, which without many investors find the leap into Holidays Rentals a step to far.

We offer two schemes both of which have a 3 year Guarantee built in at around 8% nett return per annum.

Scheme 1 offers your Park the ability to offer a BTL scheme which we manage, Lynx send out the monthly statements and hold the Guarantee for the 3 years introduction period, the Park will deal with the bookings and the handover and turnaround of the units weekly (fees are charge for this service).

Scheme 2 offers all of the above but The Lynx do all the service side also, cleaning, handover and handle all bookings. Its a great way to break into the rental market without the perceived hassle of operating a Rental operation on Park.

Offering BTL on Park really does open a whole new potential for sales on Park. To follow is some basic information regarding the Buy To Let schemes available ….. …..

For many years now Buy To Let has been a profitable way to make your money work harder for you than sitting in the Bank or invested in an ISA. Mortgage lending to buy-to-let landlords reached £4.2bn across 33,500 loans in the first quarter of 2013, according to the Council of Mortgage Lenders and by the end of March it accounted for 13.4 per cent of total mortgage – CML 2013

The Daily Telegraph-29/4/14 published some interesting facts on traditional Buy To Let, shown below

LocationHousing Rented %Average House PriceAverage Monthly RentGross Rental Yield %
The Lakes100.00£99,900£3,96810.21

Holiday Homes As A Buy To Let

“One in four holidaymakers are taking more “staycations” this year than last, and a third will be spending this year’s main holiday on home soil, the motoring and leisure association’s research found. The average family will spend just over £980 on a summer holiday in the UK, with Scotland, the Lakes, Devon, Cornwall, Rural England and Snowdonia likely to be the biggest winners” The Guardian 14/4  

The UK holiday market is growing year on year at a rapid pace with  Self Catering and Short Breaks proving to the most popular “staycations”.

Buy To Let - How It Makes Sence

Purchasing a home to let to holiday guests make lots of financial and practical sense, here is a quick bullet list

Lower Purchase Price

Higher Returns

Stress Free Management

Low Maintenance Costs

Choice Of Location

No Tenants To Find

No Deposits To Handle

No Annual Certificates To Organise

Tax Deductible Expenses**

24/7 On Site Care

All Health & Safety Dealt With

Rentals Secured Via Hoseasons®

No Midnight Call Outs

Minimum 8 Weeks Free Holidays A Year

Flexible Owner Usage

Location Change

Use As Company Incentive

Gift To Family & Friends

Tax Efficient**

Free Membership To Dial An Exchange®


Unlike owning a Buy To Let traditional property, you don’t have to find the rental, making life a lot easier. We only use the UK’s leading Lodge Rental Company Hoseasons®, they are part of the biggest network of Holiday Rental companies in the world and dominate the Lodge Rental sector, owned by The Wyndham Group®.  We are not affiliated or endorsed by Hoseasons® your relationship with them will be contracted directly with yourself and  Hoseasons®.

Rental Guarantee

The word Guarantee can’t be used lightly as it is an offer which must be backed up and planned for, this is how and why we can make this bold offer to our Portfolio purchasers.

Rental Income is based on actual incomes being received by our partner Parks on their own Rental Units.

The Guarantee is made by the Lynx.

The Guarantee is for a period of 3 years from the start date detailed in the Rental Guarantee Agreement.

The Guarantee is a top up IF you fail to reach the guaranteed return figure agreed and is paid on the final month of the agreement annually.

The Lynx deposits your annual Guarantee amount in an Escrow Account to ensure funds are available annually.

At the end of year 3 purchasers will be allowed to continue renting your lodge through Hoseasons® for as long as you choose. Purchasers can sell or transfer your Portfolio Lodge at anytime.  The annual rental income should remain constant based on your previous 3 years rental experience.

Your Purchasers Purchase System


 Portfolio Options Examples