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Who, What, When, How ?

Nothing better than a question and we like to get them, although The Lynx is a new venture the experience behind it is to be frank quite old (excluding Karen of course). There’s not many scenarios the Team haven’t experienced from frustrating After Sales service to late Transport pickups, we have been on the end of most. The Lynx takes the focus away from the Manufacturer and focus’ on The Park, how does that work ? Ask A question !

General Questions

Do You Build Your Own Lodges ?

No we don’t, but we have three main lodge builders working with us to produce lodges spec’d by us, drawn by us and most of all checked by us throughout the process. With an after sales that you currently only dream of. None have any ownership or affiliation to The Lynx.

Can You Supply A Show Lodge ?

We know starting a new Park is a very expensive time, so YES we can supply a show lodge, the deposit will be 20% and you will have between 6-12 months to pay the balance (subject to status. Contact us to see if we can help you.

Who Builds Your Lodges ?

We use four of the main builders in UK working within our strict standards being Prestige, Cambrian & Red Rose .

Whats Your Delivery Time ?

We can normally get your lodge within 12 weeks depending on the model chosen and the amount of Bespoke work required.

Other Questions

Can You Arrange Transport ?

We have relationships with all the leading UK transport companies, because we move over 5 homes every month we can sometime get you a better deal if your just arranging one just email transport@thelynx.co.uk for a quote.

Can You Do 3D Lodge Drawings ?

Yes we can, we cant replicate the furniture but we can give you a complete 3D drawing, we even offer the service to Parks even if they don’t purchase through us, just send you PDF plan to us and we will create a 3D plan for you.

How About Park Wi-Fi ?

Wi-Fi on Parks is now a must, if you have had quotes you will find that it can cost thousands to setup your site, at The Lynx our in house WiFi specialists can set this up for you at a fraction of the cost, just contact karen@thelynx.co.uk for an no obligation quote.

Do You Supply Bespoke Lodges ?

Its all In House, our design studio boasts a host of fixtures and fitting to choose from and our very own interior designer would love to sit down with you and design your dream home for you.