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The reason why we are different is After Sales.

Having been involved for many years with Parks, Manufacturers and Client orders we have experienced all ends of after sales within the business and even with a near perfect home After Sales response and timing can make a perfect experience turn into a very frustrating one, that’s why at The Lynx we spend more time and invest more money into our after sales than any other department within the company.

The key > Communication, with the advances in technology there is no reason why every Park shouldn’t be fully aware at all time the status of any After Sales issue. Your After Sales Team should be available online, text, email or phone at the Lynx we are.

The Begining

all starts with the sale

From the moment a lodge is purchased the process of Customer Care begins, its not just about the order its about delivering a stress free home which meets the timetable you set, not after the order but before, a commitment to delivery and service agreed right at the start.

Agreed Delivery Date

Package Agreed

Transport Dates

Siting Dicussed



Delays Discussed

Contacts Exchanged

Handover Discussed

Knowing where we are before we embark on the journey ensures there is no big surprises along the way.

New Owner Welcome Pack

Client Portal

log in look

A live web portal to view/communicate/share live information 24/7.

Every customer gets their very own Online portal to be able to log on and view/add/comment on every aspect of what is happening with Orders, Production and View past history. On this site you will see a login in option in the menu.

Login and look right now at what this portal can offer you

Username: Demo Password: Demo

The site generates SMS updates and Email updates when you need to be aware of something. Keeping us informed as well of anything changes will help make the experience an enjoyable one.

Pre Delivery


Every Lynx Lodge Is Inspected Before It Leaves The Factory By A Director Of Lynx

Prevention is always a great thing and at The Lynx we aim to ensure that every home delivered to a Park is inspected by our team before it leaves the factory. Its easier for work to take place factory based than on site.

Once your lodge is ready we inspect pre pickup and we are always on site when it arrives to ensure that the lodge has travelled well. Perhaps the down side maybe that as a Park owner we wont hand over the keys until the home is sited, inspected and cleaned. The delivery procedure:

  1. Factory Pre Pick Up Inspection
  2. On Park Reception By Lynx Staff
  3. On Site Inspection
  4. Siting Team Arrive Day or Day After Delivery
  5. Internal Finishing Day 3
  6. Services Connected if Included
  7. Snagging By Lynx Staff
  8. Lynx Cleaners Enter – Clean Home
  9. Welcome Pack Assembled
  10. Keys Handover and Snagging

After Sales

online, in time

Reporting After Sales Is Easy .. Log In, Click, Live Chat, Report, Raise A Ticket or Just Call

Communication is key, we make it easy to contact us and report any issues to us quickly and easily, you have a choice of how to contact us via your very Own Portal online or any of the tried and tested methods including the good old fashion telephone.

Whatever way you alert us to a problem you can check online at anytime the status of your fault and there is a host of information available for you to view.

  • Report Timeline
  • Details Of Contacts
  • Dates For Repair
  • Mobile For Engineer
  • SMS Alerts 36 Hours Prior
  • Engineer Alerts On Route
  • Online Status & Feedback
  • 7 Day Max Turnaround Time
  • Feedback Rating

After Sales is open 24/7, 7 days a week and you can touch base with us at anytime.

We offer a 7 day maximum attendance on all manufacturer faults.

Relax……we’ve got this

After Sales, the one thing you need to get right, if you would like to talk to us about our after sales service please just contact us and talk through your needs from a single key operation when our price includes Transport, Siting, Internal Finishing & The Keys to just supply.

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